The Postmodern Parish: New Ministry For A New Era

Author: Jim Kitchens

Many of us who are pastors of local mainline churches have long felt that something is amiss in the life of our congregations. It’s hard for us to name exactly what is wrong, but occasionally we are aware of a nagging sense that something is just not working any more. . . . Our best efforts at ministry feel like they’re about a half beat behind some new pulse beginning to course through the culture,” writes author Jim Kitchens. Congregational leaders who recognize Kitchens’ description of congregational life today will appreciate his pointed and realistic analysis of fundamental shifts in ministry that have taken place in our postmodern, post-Christian, and post denominational world. Kitchens also demonstrates that we need to create a different sort of church if we are to be faithful to the gospel in this new cultural setting. He addresses in detail how these contextual shifts invite us to change our ministry in four arenas of congregational life: worship, Christian formation, mission, and leadership. Kitchens shows congregational leaders how to learn how to be the body of Christ in ways that will be both faithful to the Gospel and responsive to our newly emerging cultural context.


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