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SeasoningsMaking food and gathering around a table creates memories. As I spend time collecting recipes from the twelve days of Christmas people I have a fresh appreciation for the depth of memory and the profound experiences behind the recipes they pick to share.

This Twelve Days of Christmas email offers you:

  • Twelve Emails delivered to your inbox. December 26-January 6.
  • Twelve Folk. How many of the 12 do you know?
  • Twelve Recipes.Touching and Inspiring stories.
  • Twelve Book Recommendations.
  • Twelve Spiritual Practices.
  • Twelve Blessings.

Registration is $7.00 and you can gift friends for an additional $3 each.
Pay on-line with your credit card or paypal account  or choose to send a cheque.

A Great Idea! Making Connections.


The Rev. Bev Brazier (one of the twelve participants) and The Rev. Judith Whitmore are friends from a “waaaaaaaay back.” Bev serves Whitehorse United Church. Judith serves two parishes in the Diocese of Rupertsland,  St. Jude and St. Michael.  They are about an hour and a half north of Winnipeg on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg.


Judith was one of the first to register for Seasonings. She sent this email to Bev.


“I have bought Seasonings from Maritime Conference. I have a plan for Epiphany. I would love to plan a parish event around the recipes. I picture 12 or 24 people offering to make the recipes (two per dish) and having a pot luck on The Twelfth night.


If this works out, here’s another suggestion. I’d like to invite your congregation to do the same and some how we could take pictures or something to share. OR SOMEHOW you and I could work on a shared service that kicks off the meal.”


Congregations making connections! Perhaps we’ll have some Twelfth Night gatherings in the Maritime too!

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For more information contact Janice MacLean