Skateboards, Scooters and Scripture

Author: Anne McFarlane

Skateboards, Scooter and Scripture contains stories and anecdotes; some are true and some are fictitious, but each 366 devotions conveys a biblical truth. In a simple, concrete, direct and practical way, the writer encourages kids not only to see Jesus in everyday situations, but to make the Bible part of everyday aspect of their lives.

To mold a child for God is one of the most important tasks adults face. Anne McFarlane knows how to appeal to kids’ imagination and has developed the knack of making children eager for quiet times. The unique and handy topic index will help you locate passages relating to specific themes.
Thus delightful devotional will help parents lay the right foundation in their children’s lives. They will see how their children bear fruit to the glory of their Creator.


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2 in stock