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Association of Ministers Committee

Mandate: Explore and develop possibilities for an Association of Ministers within the understandings of the United Church.


– Chair
– Secretary
– 3 Designated Individuals
– Regional Minister – Staff Support


– develop a framework, principles and process for an Association of Ministers in consultation with ministry personnel in the Region and with other Association of Ministers groups across the country
– participate on behalf of the Region, in any discussions or consultations that may occur on this subject
– inform ministry personnel on the development of the Association concept and ways to participate
– receive suggestions from ministry personnel on ways an Association might benefit them
– create collegial circles or clusters and develop opportunities for clusters and/or networks necessary for the functioning of the Committee/Division
– provide accompaniment with ministers as they engage with the Office of Vocation Processes
– support for colleagues undergoing difficulties
– help develop mentor linkages
– keep in focus support to ministry personnel in unusual employment situations (chaplains, etc.) and those retained on disability in the Region


– good communication and organizational skills
– understanding of variety of United Church ministries
– desire to help build collegial support networks


Accountability/Reporting: Through Division of Communities of Faith Support and Nurture to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)


Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Division of Communities of Faith Support and Nurture except the following:
– any matters covered within approved budgets