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Licensing Committee

Mandate: To receive, review and recommend appropriate action on requests for designation and licensing outside the Candidacy Pathways process.


– Chair
– Secretary
– At least one of each – Diaconal Minister, Ordained Minister, Designated Lay Minister
– A person qualified in Supervision
– Designated Individuals 2
– Executive Minister – Staff Support



Licensed Lay Worship Leaders
– oversee the delivery and content of training for LLWL
– determine that an individual is prepared to be licensed as a LLWL
– determine that an individual has completed courses of study to be licensed
– conduct the annual interview and evaluation with those seeking initial or renewal of licensing as a Licensed Lay Worship Leader and recommend to the Region the names of those deemed suitable for licensing
– maintain a list of LLWL in the Region (as these names cannot yet be found on the church hub list)

– receive applications from Communities of Faith for appointment as Sacramental Elders and recommend suitable names to the Region
– provide training for Sacrament Elders
– receive requests to administer the sacraments and recommend action to the Region

Marriage Licenses
– develop and recommend to the Region a policy concerning the provision of Marriage Licenses to retired ministry personnel in the Region

– Follow the regional supervision policy
– provide training for Pastoral Charge Supervisors
– maintain a list of trained supervisors
– receive requests for Community of Faith Supervisors and recommend to the Region individuals for appointment
– assist Communities of Faith with Supervision arrangements
– develop opportunities for clusters and/or networks necessary for the functioning of the Committee/Division


– Chair: facilitation and organizational skills are paramount
– Secretary: computer skills are important, keeping up with correspondence and processing forms
– knowledge of polity and procedures of The United Church of Canada, or willingness to study and learn, in relation to relevant policies


Accountability/Reporting: Through Division of Ministry Resources to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)


Powers:  Must refer decisions to the Division of Communities of Ministry Resources except the following:
– any matters covered within approved budgets
– individuals to be licensed or renewed as Licensed Lay Worship Leaders according to Regional criteria
– scheduling and conducting covenanting services
– approval of terms of Call or Appointment within Denominational and Regional criteria
– approval of requests for Sacramental Elders within Denominational and Regional criteria
– appointment of Community of Faith Supervisors within Denominational and Regional criteria