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Faith Formation and Leadership Development


To provide leadership and resources compatible with United Church ethos, to Communities of Faith within the bounds of the Region.



  • Chair
  • Secretary (at the discretion of the Chair)
  • Designated Individuals 8
  • Regional Minister – Staff Support
  • Division Chair (Ex-Officio)



  • inform and promote faith formation resources recommended by or compatible with The United Church of Canada
  • promote or provide leadership development events related with faith formation
  • promote or provide faith formation events to broaden the knowledge/insights of participants concerning biblical/theological/social justice/inter-church and inter-faith education
  • educate Committee members on recommended educational and theological resources
  • liaise with Communities of Faith sharing resources and responding to requests for information including webinar opportunities from national
  • engage in leadership development for ministry and lay including speakers and life-long learning opportunities
  • actively promote collaboration and engage with other mission units in leadership and faith formation
  • encourage biblical literacy through collaborative bible studies
  • encourage those from region 15 discern their calls and consider learning opportunities around learning needs
  • produce a webinar for the Region on opportunities within the Region and encourage engagement with the Nominations Committee
  • identify needs and types of ministry
  • develop and produce a webinar on new roles within the Region
  • create working groups where needed for the functioning of the Committee/Division



  • a desire for the work of the Committee with all ages
  • a passion to be a learner (continuing education)
  • ability to engage people where they are and offer leadership/education
  • possession of facilitation, communication, organizational, and group dynamic skills


Through the Division of Regional Services and Support to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.)


Must refer decisions to the Division of Regional Services and Support except the following

  • any matters covered within approved budgets

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