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Justice, Mission and Outreach Committee


This Committee is to seek to live, not just as individuals but as community. We are called by Christ to love and serve others, to seek justice, to live with respect in creation, to work with faith communities to act with compassion in a timely manner in our neighbourhoods and in the world.



  • Chair
  • Secretary (at the discretion of the Chair)
  • Designated Individuals 8
  • Mission and Justice Minister – Staff Support
  • Division Chair (Ex-Officio)



  • educate and mobilize the Region and Communities of Faith regarding social justice issues and provide opportunities for them to respond
  • speak out publicly on justice issues in line with United Church of Canada’s policies and positions. To call attention to emergent issues and work with the appropriate bodies (in particular Regional Council or Executive) to help establish positions or policies as needed.
  • Chair or appointed member of the Committee will liaise with and attend webinar with the Church in Mission Unit at General Council to learn of outreach and justice initiatives and to share with Communities of Faith. To share with General Council the outreach and justice initiatives within Communities of Faith and Region
  • report on outreach and justice initiatives
  • create working groups where needed for the functioning of the Committee/Division



  • a passion for outreach and mission
  • facilitation, communication, and organizational skills are important for the Committee


Through the Division of Regional Services and Support to the Regional Council and Regional Executive on a regular basis. (As often as needed or required.) This is identified as a separate Region 15 Committee within the reporting action and accountability structure. At the same time, all Committees are strongly encouraged to work with similar Committees in other Regions on matters of mutual interest as appropriate.


Must refer decisions to the Division of Regional Services and Support except the following:

  • any matters covered within approved budgets