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July 14, 2021

Covid-19 Update July 14, 2021 (Prince Edward Island)

Dear members of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council (PEI):

As you are now permitted to remove your masks while in church, I have been asked questions about recommendations for congregational singing.  All of my research has indicated that if members of the congregation are coming to church and there is no congregational singing, only a small group or a soloist, then it is permissible to take off masks when seated. If you move, or stand up, masks need to be worn. (I use the military saying, “stand up, mask up”)

Masks are no longer required while seated at indoor events (church services, seated concerts, etc), provided there is six feet between individuals of different households. Masks are still required at these events when people move to and from their seats.

I have also found this information on the PEI Covid-19 Site, which is clear that singing for the congregation means people need an extra 3.5m or 12ft from the people who are not in their bubble. If this is not possible, masks need to be worn.

Cheering, whistling, singing, and other vigorous vocalization that is not essential to an activity should be minimized when in close proximity to others. If this type of activity is key to the gathering or anticipated to be unavoidable (e.g. cheering at sporting events), distance between individuals from different households should be increased to 3.5m/12ft.  Where this is not possible, physical distancing of six feet should be maintained, and it is strongly recommended that non-medical masks be worn. Non-medical masks are required in indoor public spaces, with some exceptions– see Non-Medical Masks in the Community guidance

I am recommending that, if there is congregational singing, masks need to be worn for the whole service. This will protect those who are not vaccinated, children who are not able to be vaccinated and it is also a help to protect us from any variants that might be appearing.  If the singing is being done by a soloist or a small group 12 ft from the congregation, then the congregation and the singers may have their masks removed.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to be in touch at fmaccuish@united-church.ca or at 1-800-268-3781 ext. 6156.



Faith March-MacCuish

Executive Minister


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Emergency Coordinator

Emergency Coordinator for Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council and Regional Council 15 Office is Tracey Rose and she will be the person who will send out communication to the Regions.

Tracey Rose
Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council / Regional Council 15
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