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Archives and Records Committee



To provide leadership, education and support to Communities of Faith in matters related to archives, records, artefacts and heritage.



a) To provide information and education about archives, records, artefacts and heritage in The United Church to Communities of Faith. This will mainly be accomplished through workshops, correspondence and, where practical, the occasional visit to individual communities of faith.

 b) To support the archivist in matters related to archives, artefacts and heritage in ways that the archivist deems appropriate.

 c) To report annually on the committee’s work and expenditures.

 d) To find innovative ways to share information about United Church history with communities of faith, adherents and members. Sometimes working in conjunction with Nova Scotia-Bermuda and, possibly, other regions and the denomination where applicable.




Volunteers (throughout the region with an interest in archival matters)
Regional Archivist – Staff Support

Must have an interest in the story and history of The United Church of Canada especially as it pertains to preservation of accessibility of records; making records available to the public.