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Archives and Records Committee



To provide leadership and support to communities of faith in preservation of church artifacts and records (i.e. recording of church meetings, weddings, baptisms etc.)



a) To work with the Region’s archivist in the oversight of the Region’s archives in cooperation with the Denominational Council Committee on Records;

b) To actively support the appropriate record keeping of records of the various Regional Council’s Committees and of the communities of faith;

c) To work with the Archivist in developing appropriate policies and guidelines for the preservation of records;

d) In cooperation with Region 15, work with the Archivist to seek funding for educational projects for communities of faith on preservation of artifacts and records;

e) To report to annually to the Regional Council on the Committee’s work and budget expenditures;

f) To set a schedule to review community of faith’s records on a triennial basis and to conduct such reviews.



Volunteers (throughout the region with an interest in archival matters)
Regional Archivist – Staff Support

Must have an interest in the story and history of The United Church of Canada especially as it pertains to preservation of accessibility of records; making records available to the public.