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Pastoral Relations Committee


The Pastoral Relations Committee is named and empowered by the Executive of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council to aid, support, and offer guidance to the Regional Ministers in community centred pastoral relations matters. The duties of the Pastoral Relations Committee, its sub-committees and ad hoc committees, include, but are not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Guiding and supporting communities of faith as they recruit, choose, call, appoint, and covenant with Ministry Personnel.
  • Supporting Communities of Faith in meeting their Ministry Personnel and staffing needs, including a manse.
  • Providing ongoing oversight of and support to Communities of Faith.
  • In collaboration with the Office of Vocations, encouraging and supporting Ministry Personnel toward health, joy and excellence in ministry while they are under call or appointment.
  • Working with Ministry Personnel and Communities of Faith in developing healthy relationships.
  • Supporting sub-committees and ad hoc committees that oversee Congregational Designated Ministers, Licensed Lay Worship Leaders, and Pensioners Convenors.


General Responsibilities

Communities of Faith


Additional Links for a Community of Faith


Ministry Personnel

  • Encouraging and supporting Ministry Personnel toward health, joy, and excellence in ministry practice.
  • Approving Sabbaticals.
  • Ensuring the recognition of retirements of Ministry Personnel.
  • Supporting specialized ministries such as chaplains in the Forces or working in Universities, as requested.


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License to Administer the Sacraments

  • Acting on behalf of the Executive of Fundy Saint Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council, grant a licence to administer the sacraments to diaconal ministers, designated lay ministers, people who retired while serving as designated lay ministers, and sacraments elders.
    Reference: United Church of Canada Manual, https://united-church.ca/sites/default/files/the-manual-2019_0.pdf (section I.2.4. page 151)


Regional Council Liaisons

  • The Regional Minister will coordinate the training of the liaison persons identified to work with a Community of Faith in compiling their Community of Faith profile.
  • The liaisons will work with the Community of Faith as they develop their Community of Faith profile, and also with the Search Teams (this can be the same liaison or it can be two liaisons).
  • Once Ministry Personnel are called or appointed, the liaison will coordinate with the Pastoral Relations Committee to arrange for a covenanting service with the Community of Faith. This service will include a member of the Executive of Regional Council, or designate, who will assist with the planning of the service and preside at the covenanting.


  • Link to LITURGIES – to be added when available.


Licensed Lay Worship Leader 


Congregational Designated Ministers



  • Appointing resources to oversee the inspection of a manse, as required.



The membership of the Pastoral Relations Committee will consist of:

  1. a) The Regional Minister (ex officio);
  2. b) Eight members, one of whom will act as secretary of the Committee and who will ensure all necessary documentation is prepared;
  3. c) The eight members will be regionally based and should have knowledge of the communities of faith in their area;
  4. d) The membership may be expanded to meet the needs of the number of communities of faith searching for ministry personnel.


Terms of Office:

All committee members including the Chairperson and the Secretary will be appointed for a three-year term by the regional council at the Annual General Meeting, with the possibility that members would be eligible for re-appointment for a total of two (2) terms.


Pastoral Relations Updates


Guidelines and Procedures LLWL

Please see below link to the Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWL) Guidelines and Procedures policy document for the region, as prepared by the Pastoral Relations Committee and approved at the October 18, 2022 meeting of Regional Council Executive. Guidelines and...