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Regional Council Planning Committee

The Planning Committee organizes the annual meeting of the Region and recommends to the Regional council Executive an agenda, prospective meeting site, dates, speaker(s), reports, election process for Commissioners (if a year before General Council meets), and all other details for the annual meeting for approval/other recommendations, etc. 


The Planning Committee is responsible for planning all aspects of the annual meeting of the Regional council and to report its progress to the Executive and  the Executive Minister, as appropriate, for input and/or approval.  The Committee has the ability to add teams of persons with certain abilities to perform certain tasks as necessary as long as a member of the Planning Committee assist the team.  Teams dealing with local matters can utilize local people and with regional issues, to utilize more diversity in personnel.


Eight members comprised of:
a) Two members appointed by the Executive from the Executive;
b) Six members from the membership of the Regional council having regard to a gender balance as well as a balance of ministry and lay representatives on the committees.


Terms of office:
All committee members including the Chairperson and the Secretary will be appointed for a three-year term by the regional council at the Annual General Meeting, with the possibility that members would be eligible for re-appointment for a total of two (2) terms.