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Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters (FSLDW) Committee Interest form.

Annual Meeting – Regrets Form

The Regrets form is now available on the website for anyone unable to attend Annual Meeting. Here is the link for your use.

Elected Members to Regional Council 2022

Please use the below link to complete the form for elected members to Regional Council for 2022.

FSLDW Elected Members form

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Pastoral Charge Information Form

The 2022 Pastoral Charge Information Form can be found on our Regional Council website under forms.

If you have had your annual congregational meeting and have elected your governing body for 2022, please click on the below link to complete.  If you have not had your annual meeting, and have the same people serving in the governing body, we kindly ask you to still fill out the information forms.  Thanks to those Pastoral Charges that have already submitted their forms.

FSLDW – 2022 Information Form

Worship 101 for Occasional Lay Worship Leaders

Have you ever been asked to offer partial leadership in worship–or take on an entire worship service–and had the sinking feeling that you didn’t know where to begin? Or, that you just can’t see yourself ‘up front’ in that leading role?  Then we have a series of workshops for you!

The RC 15 Faith Formation and Leadership Development committee  is offering a five part series– Worship 101 for Occasional Lay Worship Leaders.  These workshops are meant to help the occasional lay worship leader untangle how to get started, where to find resources, and how to prepare to lead worship with confidence.  These workshops are designed to respond to Regional Council 15’s Strategic Plan Pillars of Discipleship: to “Promote the importance of discipleship as core to the strengthening, vitality and sustainability of Christian community”; and Leadership: to “develop curious, faithful, brave leaders”.

The series will be held on Zoom in late April to mid-May. Click here for more details.

Clergy Retreat

Wesley United Church in St. Andrews is hosting a clergy retreat on June 1st from 10am to 8pm.  We are pleased to invite Ministers to walk our Labyrinth and experience a day of rest and renewal.   Further information is available here.  Space is limited to 24 participants.  We encourage mask wearing and social distancing whenever possible.

Hold This Date!

Our Regional Affirm committee continues our learnings toward reconciliation on May 12th at 7:00. Our guest, PEI  Poet Laureate and storyteller Julie Pellissier-Lush, will share her Mi’kmaq history through story, drumming and her own poetry.
Watch for the registration announcement.

Godly Play Maritimes – postponed until Sept/Oct

Godly Play Maritimes: May/June Godly Play Core Training for Storytellers & Doorpersons has been postponed until Sept/Oct. New dates will follow when these are confirmed.

Hymn Books

To give away to a good home: 40 words-only Voices United”. Contact Jane Johnson. (506) 440-9981.