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To view upcoming programs at the Tatamagouche Centre please click here.
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President’s Advent Message

Please click here to read an Advent message from J.D. Kennedy, President of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council.

Pastoral Relations Training Postponed

The busyness of the season and circumstances beyond our control have caused a need to postpone the Pastoral Relations Liaison Training until the new year. Advent Blessings all.

United Church Bookstore Christmas Sale

Christmas sale is just around the corner December 7, 8, 9. Online or in store. Contact Leona at regarding many of our wonderful Christmas items and receive 20% discount.

Stewardship Update

Complete Christmas Day Worship Service for Mission & Service
This service is live here.

My latest Stewardship Article for Broadview Online Magazine: “Every Day Can be Like Christmas” can be viewed here.

Gifts With Vision
The United Church of Canada provides Mission & Service support to partners for their ongoing work in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and right here in Canada. Gifts with Vision turn gift-giving into an opportunity to do something extra for our church partners. Through Gifts with Vision, you give gifts to friends or family to support specific partner activities. With your gifts, we help create healthy places to live, promote justice, provide social services, and enliven worship.
Check out the online gift catalogue here today!

Deadlines for Mission & Service Transfers Changed!
Beginning in January 2023, the deadline for Mission & Service transfers will be January 15. That means that pastoral charges need to make their final 2022 Mission & Service transfer by January 15, 2023.

We are making this change because it will improve our accountability, accuracy, and transparency when reporting back to you on annual results. We also expect that January 15 is closer to when the majority of communities of faith have finalized―or nearly finalized―their year-end financial statements.

If you have questions or need support to set up electronic transfers, please contact Nicole Chicote at 1-800-268-3781 x3072 or

• E-transfers should be sent to and followed up by a confirmation email to that includes the completed transfer form. Remind them that is the only email address they should use for this process.

Book a time to talk about stewardship
Are you thinking about year-end or wanting to make a stewardship plan for 2023? Would you like to talk about legacy giving to your congregation, but don’t know where to start? Do you have questions about growing giving to Mission & Service?
Roger Janes is your stewardship support person and is available to share resources, answer questions, or brainstorm with. Don’t know where to start? Book a phone or zoom conversation with Roger using this link.

Worship 101 for Occasional Lay Worship Leaders (2023)

If you’ve ever been asked to offer partial leadership in worship–or take on an entire worship service—you may have experienced the sinking feeling of not knowing where to begin, or that you just can’t see yourself ‘up front’ in that leading role. Do we have a set of workshops for you!

The RC 15 Faith Formation and Leadership Development team presents a five part series– Worship 101 for Occasional Lay Worship Leaders. These workshops are designed to help the occasional lay worship leader untangle how to get started, where to find resources, and how to prepare to lead worship with confidence. The series will be held on Zoom in January-February 2023.  Click here for more information.

Living in Transformative Change 

Sunday, January 15, 2023, 2-4 p.m.
Michael Blair
General Secretary, The United Church of Canada and
Mary Rowe
President and CEO, Canadian Urban Institute
Animator, Rob Dalgleish
Join us for a conversation about making institutional change in times of rapid cultural change. Mary and Michael will speak from their experiences of success through partnering, piloting, and persevering. Rob will draw out our learnings and pose our questions.
Participate on Zoom or in person at Emmanuel College, Room 108, 75 Queens Park Crescent E, Toronto ON M5S 1K7
(wheelchair access from University Ave, at Museum Station east side exit).
Cohosted by Adaptive Conversations at Bloor Street United Church and the Centre for Religion and Its Contexts at Emmanuel College
Register here.

Invitation to UCC people on PEI

We’re all wondering how we are – let’s wonder together!
SAVE THE DATE – Thursday, January 19th (approx 10-2) at Central Queens United in Hunter River for a gathering of former presbyters, current regional reps and others. Details to follow in the new year. For more info contact Myrna and Jim Wicks (, Pix Butt ( or Heather MacDougall (