Fill out the below form to have your meeting or event added to the Regional calendar.

Who can submit an event?
Any United Church member/staff/volunteer within Bermuda-Nova Scotia Regional Council (BNS) can submit an event if they are willing to be listed as a contact person.  You do not have to be the host of an event to serve as a contact, but it means that you are willing to vouch for the event and leave an e-mail address (events without contact information will not be posted).  A member may post an event that they are not hosting, but they are wanting to promote. If the host is different than the person posting the event include that information in the below form.

What is the criteria for events that can be published on the BNS Event Calendar?
The BNS Events Calendar is a public listing for events that are affiliated with and relevant to The United Church of Canada and/or communities of faith within our region. Remember this is a region wide listing, so please consider if this is an event that folks around the region would be interested in before listing it. If your event is more likely to draw folks locally then distribute it in your own neighbourhood.

The Region Events Calendar is for events that:
– are located within the boundaries of the BNS;
– have some relationship with The United Church of Canada and our ethos, including events hosted by local communities of faith, ecumenical and multi-faith friends, community organizations.

Staff will use discretion to interpret these criteria. If your event is not published you will receive the following notification.  “Sorry, this event does not fall within our guidelines.”

If you have any questions please contact the BNS Regional Office at or 800-268-3781 ext. 6137.