1. To implement facility improvements that result in reductions in the cost of operations, improved access to the facility, establishing connections and outreach to the greater community, implementing new programs, and any other innovations arising from space repurposing; addressing accessibility issues; or energy efficiency improvements.
  2. Any application that can demonstrate a valid facility innovation that has not otherwise been contemplated in the guidelines above.
  3. New Communities of Faith formations can also qualify for a grant towards acquisition of equipment, furnishing and fixtures.
  4. To update technology to expand online presence in the local community.
  5. To engage a professional advisor to assist with assessing the feasibility, design and or implementation of building improvements related to energy efficiency, space repurposing and/or accessibility issues.
  6. Faith communities can partner together and each apply for funding to support a common initiative.
  7. Maximum grant is $7,500 per Community of Faith.
  8. Approval must be received from the Property Committee for the work before applying for grant funds.


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