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Condolences: Roger Moore

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Rev. Roger Moore who pass ed away February 17, 2021.  A copy of the obituary can be viewed here.

HST Issues for Sales of Church Properties

The Region 15 Property Committee has been made aware that there is some confusion concerning those property sales which require HST to be paid and those which do not. The following information is intended to provide guidance to a Pastoral Charge (PC) or Community of Faith (COF).

Sales of Vacant Land – A sale of vacant land by a PC or COF is subject to HST and the Agreement of Purchase and Sale must show that HST is to be paid by the Purchaser in addition to the Purchase Price. The PC or COF must report and remit applicable HST to Canada Revenue following completion of the sale.

Sales of Church Buildings – Assuming that the PC or COF is registered with Canada Revenue as a Charitable Organization, then the sale of a Church Building that has been used for church purposes will be exempt from HST.

Sales of Manses –The sale of a manse, being a used residential unit, will be exempt from HST.

If a PC or COF has any questions or concerns as to whether HST is applicable to any particular transaction, then advice should be obtained from a Tax Accountant or lawyer before an Agreement of Purchase and Sale is signed.
This information will also be added to the Property Committee Handbook

Property Report – February Updates

The RC15 property report has been updated as of February 23, 2021, this report lists property (buildings, cemeteries, lands) currently registered to your pastoral charge.  Any forms and amendments received up to February 23, 2021 are included.  Pastoral charges who do not hold property will not appear on the list.  Please take a moment to review and ensure your pastoral charge details are correct, you can review by A-Z property name or by postal code using the link below and submit a form if there are any additions or amendments.

Property Report


Rural Routes Atlantic

Rural Routes Atlantic is offering some simple practices for Lent in Covid days.  View the first of our Three for Free with thanks to Martin Dawson.

Lent Resources from the Prayer Bench. 

In 1609 during the plague, the playwright Thomas Dekker “pivoted” and wrote a prayer book calling four birds out of the Ark to carry prayers to God under their wings. Using his image of the four birds, in this Lent retreat, I call upon the dove, the eagle, the pelican and the phoenix to help us reflect on our Lent journey tracing the pattern of the Love, Life, Death and Rising of Jesus in our days. For more information, see
You might also be interested in signing up for the Holy Week Daily Email Series. We look at a Psalm each day as a cry of the heart, arriving at Easter without bypassing the suffering and clothes in compassion and deeper in joy. Learn more here:

United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine/Israel

Are you interested in peace and justice issues? Do you want to learn more about Israel and Palestine? Or are you already engaged in these issues and want to connect with other advocacy initiatives to further your commitment? UNJPPI (United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine/Israel) is a grassroots network of United Church members and adherents, and other friends, working toward the goal of a just peace in Palestine and Israel by calling for an end to Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian lands and equal rights for all who live in Palestine/Israel through education and advocacy. Read more about UNJPPI.
You can subscribe here for their monthly Network News containing resources, opportunities for learning and campaigns to get involved in justice and peace in the region. Click here to subscribe.